Saturday, 5 September 2015

Dark tidings to all our dark minded Ghouls and Ghoulettes who imbibed in our Augustian gathering, and to the fresh blood who were brave enough to join us for the evening too. 

Good to see you ....departed un-bitten.

This month we shall be emanating from our haunt, the Snug (aka FrightClub Central) at The Long Stone Pub on the 23rd of September from 7pm.  We hope to see you there... in whatever form you choose to take; familiars and innocents are, as always, very welcome. 

This month's delights include....

Our Novel -

Firstly we have Life's Lottery by Kim Newman.  In this book you adopt the persona of Keith Marion and through the decisions you make you choose the outcome of his story. Reports in from some of our ghouls say this book has taken them on some most fair and foul adventures, a must read! For those who have yet to lay their claws on a copy it's available here....

Unfortunately even my unholiest of sources could not obtain links to a free downloadable or printable version of Life's Lottery.

Venturing onwards to our selection of short stories -

Our First Offering - 

This is the delightful, darkly comic tale of The Yattering and Jack by Clive Barker. an absolute delight which comes from volume one of Barker's Books of Blood series and was also adapted for the television series Tales from the Darkside.

This is the tale of Jack Polo, a gherkin importer who is haunted by a demon called the Yattering by command of the Devil himself.  Can Jack turn the tables on the Yattering's increasingly terrifying antics and earn himself a slave??

For those of you special creatures who prefer to lurk in your lairs, or creep about on your travails I have uncovered some links to satisfy your curiosity... 

Clive Barker's The Yattering and Jack readings - 

Want to watch the original from the series Tales from the Dark Side?  - 

Our Second Offering - 

From Joe Hill's first anthology Twentieth Century Ghosts we give you the short story Best New Horror

Eddie Carroll editor of the annual anthology of stories known as America's Best New Horror is tired. He's tired of rejecting thousands of stories and wonders if there's something out there that can re-ignite his passion for horror. Until one day he discovers "Buttonboy" a disturbing tale by Peter Kilrue. Revived at last he sets out to find this elusive Mr. Kilrue and claim what he believes to be the ultimate story... Eddie may get more than he bargained for...

You can dig your fangs into a copy on Amazon and Google Books using the link below -

For those of you who would like to sample the entire collection of dark tales from Joe Hill's 20th Century Ghosts - 

All of these books are available on Google Books  in print and also digital format.  Just download the App from the Play Store to get started - 

Finally - 

As a little treat for all of you planning to roost in hotels over the coming weeks; it being the time of festivals and conventions, I will leave you with this little offering located whilst performing my usual skulking research across the web.. Be wary on your room choices fellow fiendlings! 

Stephen King's Room 1408 - 


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